We're Here to Help

It's okay to not be okay. Would you reach out to someone if you broke your leg?
Know that mental health is like physical health. Crises are not easy but remember you are not alone and we're here to help,  please reach out.


   DBSA San Francisco Groups

  • To attend and learn more about DBSA San Francisco's confidential peer-to-peer support groups, click here



  • During an emergency, call 988 or 911 immediately

  • SF Crisis Line: (415) 781-0500

  • Suicide Prevention: (800) 273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

  • Night Line 8pm-4am: (844) HOPE-4-SF (1-844-467-3473)


   Live Chat 24/7


  • Reach out to a medical professional, clergy member, loved one, friend, trusted family member, or hospital emergency room. ​

  • Email us to attend a DBSA San Francisco support group, click here.